Weight Watchers Point Guide – Will it be the right way to watching your weight?

weightWeight watchers have to watch their food intake by counting the number of points of the food that they eat. You have always been interested in watching your weight or you’re already a weight watcher and don’t know how exactly to calculate the number of points that you’re eating.

Well, your worry ends here, this article will give is a guide for calculating your diet points.

A weight watchers point guide is a guide that would help weight watchers watch their food intake and help weight watchers calculate their diet point.

Now if you don’t trust me that this article will give you your very own weight watchers point guide, you can always ask the help of the Internet. Or better yet check the formula to get the weight watchers point guide at their official website, http://www.weightwatchers.com. Or if you’re not really convinced with the many hits of your “weight watchers point guide” query, you can always ask people you know who are weight watchers to help you.

Here is a sample weight watchers point guide:

A medium-sized fries from McDonalds is worth 10 points, Quarter Pounder with cheese is worth 13 points, cheeseburger is seven points and a Big Mac is 14 points.

Getting your own weight watchers point guide is easy. To get the amount of points of the food you eating, take the calories and divide it by 50, the fat grams and divide it by 12 the dietary fiber grams (4 or whichever is lower) and divide by five. Add the quotient of the first two equations and subtract from the fiber equation. And you have your own weight watchers point guide. If you didn’t catch all that, here’s the easier version of the formula to get your own weight watchers point guide:

P = (calories / 50) + (fat grams / 12) – (dietary fibers or 4{whichever is lower} / 5)

Now don’t be afraid of the numbers or the equation, there’s no easier way of getting your own weight watchers point guide than doing this. Because there isn’t a complete weight watchers point guide that has been published yet.

Now to have the right weight watchers point guide, you would need your trusty calculator (if you’re not that really good with math), and check the amounts in grams the components of the equation.

Here are yet some examples to add to your own list of weight watchers point guide. Grilled chicken pasta is worth 17 points and Asian chicken salad is worth 14 points, both are low fat foods. A low fat brownie sundae is six points.

Watching your points intake is easy with the weight watchers points formula. This is applicable to all types of food that you eat. From fruits, vegetables, fast food to home cook food that your wife or mom cooks at home. You can even use this equation to check the number of diet points you will be consuming by calculating the components of a grocery bought no-cook meal.

Now to get the right amounts of the components of that equation is a whole new article. But usually the calories, the dietary fiber and the fat grams are listed at the back of food cartons, you can always check there to see if you have the right amount to do your equation.


The Importance of Understanding Fat

When we hear of fat we always associate it as bad for us. Illnesses such as high blood pressure and heart attacks are often attached to fat.


Knowing more about fats will reveal that its not as bad as we are seldom made to think. Fat is classified as one of the three main classes of food. Fats are sources of essential fatty acids such as omega 3 and omega 6. Fat also serves as energy stores for our bodies.

In the food we eat, there are usually two types of fats, saturated and unsaturated fat. Examples of saturated fat are, butter, palm oil, coconut oil and lard and other dairy products. Saturated fat tends to be solid in room temperature. Saturated and unsaturated fats are digested or broken down in the body to release glycerol which is converted by the liver into glucose and is used by the body as energy. Fatty acids that are freed from saturated or unsaturated fats serves as a good source of energy for the body’s tissues especially the heart and skeletal muscles.

Different kinds of fats have an extraordinary energy content in them. Fat in animals serve as an energy reserve and is stored in fatty tissues that can be located surrounding their organs.

Fatty tissues consists of fat cells that are designed to store fat as energy. Fatty tissues are at work when the energy or nutrition content of the blood remains higher even when muscular or other activities are performed. The fatty tissues react and releases a corresponding amount of energy when the energy content of the blood decreases. This reaction is controlled by insulin and other hormones in the body.

The human equivalent of fatty tissue is known as adipose. It stores metabolic energy over long periods of time, the same way fatty tissues in animals store energy. The visceral fat is located around the abdomen and is prone to lead to insulin resistance, which is the leading cause of diabetes for adults over the age of forty. Peripheral fat however, is located around the limbs and is much more harmless to our bodies.

A very essential fatty acid is omega 3 fatty acids. Omega 3 fatty acids is very beneficial to the heart of healthy individuals and those who are at high risk of or who already have cardiovascular disease. A very good source of omega 3 fatty acids are fatty fish. Examples are, mackerel, herring, sardines, tuna and salmon. Another good source of omega 3 fatty acids are tofu and other forms of soybeans, walnuts and healthy forms of oil.

It is highly recommended that we maintain a balance of omega 3 and omega 6 intake as to have a healthy body and especially a healthy heart. The best and most recommended ratio of omega 3 to omega 6 fatty acid intake is, 3:1 or three omega 6 fatty acids as to one omega 3 fatty acids. This is not a simple task though since most sources of omega 3 also contains omega 6.

With a close vigilance on the types of food we eat, we have the capability of living a very normal and healthy life. Constant exercise, discipline and the proper knowledge will assure us of long and healthy lives.

A Healthy Diet You Should Try At Home

If after eating fatty foods, you experience belly pain and/or nausea , you might have gall stones. If you want to avoid having gall stones (because it can further lead to colon cancer) you need to go on a gall stone diet.
Other symptoms of gall stone formation in your body are decreased appetite, severe pain by your left side, vomiting, low grade fever, abdominal distention, flatulence, elevated cholesterol level and taking deep breaths causes you pain.


gallstone-weight-lossA gall stone diet should be taken because of many reasons. Gall stones are formed when one is overweight or when one starts to drastically loose weight rapidly. A gall stone diet is recommended when you have accumulated high cholesterol in your body. Galls stones are formed when one eats too much or when one has continuously fasted for eight hours straight or more.

A gall stone diet is also recommended when you’ve been getting a low calorie intake of 700 Kcal a day or lower. It is also advisable for people who have been on intravenous feed for more than two weeks. When one is experiencing chronic constipation, a gall stone diet can also work for them.

To start the gall stone diet always remember to avoid food with refined carbs. These are foods that you don’t want to eat when you’re on a gall stone diet, foods that contain sugar or white flour.

A major component of the gall stone diet is fiber and water. Not just any kind of fiber, but high quality fiber. Fiber and water is important in the gall stone diet especially when the patient have been experiencing constipation. Fiber and water helps make movement in your stomach move faster. Water is also important and should be taken in large amounts everyday. Water is also known to stimulate daily bowel movement.

A low fat diet is advisable to include in your gall stone diet. This means that your diet should be based on beans, fruits, vegetables and whole grains. Also, remember to always check that the food you’re eating id indeed low-fat and not processed food that contains other fattening element or elements that may be bad for your gall stone diet.

Other points for the gall stone diet is to increase vegetable protein (soy products are the richest in vegetable protein), consume foods containing pectin (one of which is apple), eat food with cellulose (examples of these are celery and crisp fruits and vegetables), if you cannot eliminate then reduce saturated fat and animal meat intake and to remove drinks and foods containing white sugar, if not white sugar itself. It is also advised that patients add their intake of unrefined whole grains for their gall stone diet.

A high quality vegetable oil is also recommended for the gall stone diet.

Avoid high cholesterol food. Cholesterol can also cause gall stone formation in your gall bladder and thus should be avoided by those who are on the gall stone diet.

The most important of the gall stone diet is to eat the food stated above in small meals. You can eat these said food more than thrice a day but you have to eat them in small amounts. Rather than eating full meals for your breakfast, lunch and dinner, it is more advisable to eat little servings of food every now and then. This way, when you eat in small amounts you give your stomach time to fully digest the food that you’ve just intake. Thus, preventing constipation and gall stone formation.

And as any diet, do not forget to ask your doctor or nutritionist’s opinion before taking the gall stone diet.

The Best Weight Loss Plan In the World

There’s a huge amount of money just waiting to be made in helping people lose weight, fight obesity and be really trim and healthy. Different types of weight loss programs are steadily spreading throughout America pursuing a variety of ways for an individual to lose weight. From calorie control, weight loss supplements, physical fitness and even as outrageous as hypnosis. A lot of Americans are getting into the weight loss frenzy and are demanding more and more ways of losing weight that will fit their preferences and needs.


The question in every dieters mind is, of course, will any of these easy to follow, quick results weight loss programs are really going to work, and if so, which one works best for whom.

As it turns out, answering this may not be that simple. It is believed that any of these programs can work as long as the individual will really dedicate himself to it. It is believed that you can lose weight by increasing the physical exercise that you do or by altering your state of mind. It is believed that you can lose weight by using nutritional supplements or by controlling your calories by managing the food that you eat. All of these are possible ways on how an individual can lose weight. As it turns out, losing weight doesn’t really depend on the program that your on, or the weight loss center that your in, but on the individuals discipline to make sure that he sees his chosen program through.

It is believed that most people aren’t willing to do what it takes to change. This is because they don’t have any idea that it requires so little to change. Taking away the standard American diet and the belief system that losing weight should be easy, painless and effortless. In fact, being healthy is not as easy and effortless as anyone would want to think. But it certainly can be rewarding once you acquire the knowledge necessary to guide your lifestyle choices.

The truth is, it would be a lot easier asking an individual to pay an insane amount of money for promises of weight loss rather than to change their lifestyle into something that actually endorses weight loss. There is also a widespread belief among Americans, that once they have paid for a certain product or services, that these people who sold these services to them are now responsible to “fix” them.

This means that, since they paid for the services, they expect not to do anything on their own. That they shouldn’t be expected to exert any effort to see the results that they want. Since they paid for these services that promises them to become thin. It’s like a mindset that they’re just hiring a mechanic or service technician to fix something that got broken or upgrade something that’s gone obsolete. This is where weight loss programs fail. What they don’t know is that you can’t hire someone to just simply fix any of your health problems, there must be discipline and dedication on your part.

Its a good idea for anyone who’s seeking to lose weight to ask advice from a professional. It would also help a lot if a support group was formed to assist each other in achieving their goals. Weight loss programs such as in https://hcgdiet101.com are also a very good idea since they can give you pointers on how an individual can start to lose and manage their weight. Weight loss centers can also help you answer your questions with regards to anything that’s related to losing weight.

So all in all, the only way an individual can truly succeed in his goal of losing weight is through discipline and dedication. You can have the most expensive and the best weight loss plan in the world, but there wont be any results to see if you don’t follow them all the way through.