Weight Watchers Point Guide – Will it be the right way to watching your weight?

weightWeight watchers have to watch their food intake by counting the number of points of the food that they eat. You have always been interested in watching your weight or you’re already a weight watcher and don’t know how exactly to calculate the number of points that you’re eating.

Well, your worry ends here, this article will give is a guide for calculating your diet points.

A weight watchers point guide is a guide that would help weight watchers watch their food intake and help weight watchers calculate their diet point.

Now if you don’t trust me that this article will give you your very own weight watchers point guide, you can always ask the help of the Internet. Or better yet check the formula to get the weight watchers point guide at their official website, http://www.weightwatchers.com. Or if you’re not really convinced with the many hits of your “weight watchers point guide” query, you can always ask people you know who are weight watchers to help you.

Here is a sample weight watchers point guide:

A medium-sized fries from McDonalds is worth 10 points, Quarter Pounder with cheese is worth 13 points, cheeseburger is seven points and a Big Mac is 14 points.

Getting your own weight watchers point guide is easy. To get the amount of points of the food you eating, take the calories and divide it by 50, the fat grams and divide it by 12 the dietary fiber grams (4 or whichever is lower) and divide by five. Add the quotient of the first two equations and subtract from the fiber equation. And you have your own weight watchers point guide. If you didn’t catch all that, here’s the easier version of the formula to get your own weight watchers point guide:

P = (calories / 50) + (fat grams / 12) – (dietary fibers or 4{whichever is lower} / 5)

Now don’t be afraid of the numbers or the equation, there’s no easier way of getting your own weight watchers point guide than doing this. Because there isn’t a complete weight watchers point guide that has been published yet.

Now to have the right weight watchers point guide, you would need your trusty calculator (if you’re not that really good with math), and check the amounts in grams the components of the equation.

Here are yet some examples to add to your own list of weight watchers point guide. Grilled chicken pasta is worth 17 points and Asian chicken salad is worth 14 points, both are low fat foods. A low fat brownie sundae is six points.

Watching your points intake is easy with the weight watchers points formula. This is applicable to all types of food that you eat. From fruits, vegetables, fast food to home cook food that your wife or mom cooks at home. You can even use this equation to check the number of diet points you will be consuming by calculating the components of a grocery bought no-cook meal.

Now to get the right amounts of the components of that equation is a whole new article. But usually the calories, the dietary fiber and the fat grams are listed at the back of food cartons, you can always check there to see if you have the right amount to do your equation.